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Stay in this cozy holiday home in the Frisian Laaksum, which is about 150 m from the IJsselmeer. You can bring 2 pets and there are 3 bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 adults, 2 children and a baby. This residence is ideal for families. You can get your daily groceries at the supermarket in Stavoren (5 km) and at the harbor are 2 small restaurants (150 m). In the area you can (kite) surf, spot birds in the bird sanctuary, walk through the woods or sail, fish and swim at the Frisian Lakes (5 km). The accommodation has a bathroom with a shower, a double sink and a second toilet. If you don't want to go out for dinner one evening, you can prepare a delicious dinner yourself in the kitchen. The garden is furnished with garden furniture and the children can enjoy themselves in the meadow and in the private woods. You will find the bus stop 150 m from the property.

Instruction Holiday home \"Het Achterend\" in Laaksum

Address: Laaksum 28, 8721 EW Warns
Contact: Mark van den Eshof, 0031 (0) 6 25091498,

Directions to the house:
The cottage is situated 5 km below Stavoren the IJsselmeer.
By public transport: there is a train station in Stavoren also the ferry from Enkhuizen comes here. From the station departs a local public bus (“Buurtbus”) to Laaksum until 20:15 and not on Sundays and holidays.
By car from the south and east: Exit Lemmer, direction Balk, at the second roundabout left (3\/4), then the fourth turn left towards Stavoren \/ Hemelum \/ Warns, the N359. Follow the road and at the T-junction (garage) in Warns left. At the end (IJsselmeer) to the right and a little further to the right (+\/- 200m) is \"Het Achterend\" no. 28. From the north to the N359, exit Stavoren \/ Hemelum \/ Warns, further see above.
On arrival:
You can park at the entrance in front of the second the gate. Don’t enter the field with the car. Around the house there are sheep so please keep all the gates closed, otherwise the sheeps eat all the plants the garden.
The cleaning lady usually leaves the door open and are the key to the kitchen table. If not, the key lies in key locker next to the frontdoor, code 1985. Please also leave the key there on departure.

About the house:
The house is the back half of a double house. It is located by the rear-end construction of the house is completely free, at the edge of the village with views to the horizon.
The IJsselmeer with the harbor of Laaksum is on the other side of the dike 150 meters away. The cottage is in an area which has been declared a protected landscape and you can do endless walking, cycling or touring by car. In the IJsselmeer you can swim, kitesurfing, sailing and fishing. Also, the Frisian lakes are only 3 km away and the forests of Rijs are also 3 kilometers away. Frisian villages known as Stavoren, Hindeloopen, Workum are all within a radius of 10 km.

Towels, sheets, pillowcases, towels (there is a dishwasher, wasmachine and wasdryer), you must bring your own sheets and towels. There are 1 and 2 persons duvets and blankets. In the upstairs bedroom has a double bed and a cot for a little child. In the bedroom downstairs is a bunk bed and a double bed. The third bedroom downstairs has also a double bed.
The house has central heating and a wood stove. Wood for the stove you can buy wood in local stores, such as Fixet in Balk or the Coop in Stavoren. The existing wood supply is for private use. There is a wifi connection, the code is Laaksum28!, connection "Het Achterend".

There is a music system with I Phone \/ I pod input. The two HD Satellite TV's have all the usual channels, Dutch, English hand German. There are many CDs, DVDs and games in the house, they are free to use but not of course to take.
The kitchen has a microwave \/ oven, refrigerator with freezer, coffee machine, Nespresso and a dishwasher. Please also replenish the supplies used in the home such as coffee, coffee filters, tea, tablets, garbage bags, and so on.

There is a terrace (plus furniture), BBQ, sandpit, fenced yard, garage and a one acres of private pasture
The tenant is obligated to pay or to (have) repair the damage that he or anyone for whom he has caused is liable. This obligation also applies for damage caused with respect to the surrounding areas and \/ or movable property, which are made available to the tenant. Classification (unless otherwise agreed):
A week: ttFriday 16:00 to Friday 10:00
Midweek: ttMonday 16:00 to Friday 10:00
Long Weekend: tFriday 16.00 to 10.00 Monday
Weekend: ttFriday 16:00 to Sunday 20:00

Pets are allowed in the house (max. 2), provided you eea after good cleaning and the dogs do not go after the sheep. Dogs do not belong on the beds and the banks!

In case of emergency, dial 112, your phone is at the snack bar in the harbor. In emergencies the house (also) warn the owner; +31625091498.

It is not allowed to cause nuisance to the neighbors, in and outside the village. Tenants where complaints are heard about, are addressed here and will be excluded in the continuation of the possibility to rent the house.

You are obliged the things that have been broken by your debt to (have) repair or replace. In case of severe damage you must inform the owner.

Flies and Mosquitoes.
You have rented a cottage in the middle of the countryside in Friesland. There are sheep and cows, and you sit right on the IJsselmeer. Diptera go with it, especially in the summer. All windows and doors have screens, they also love tightly. The mosquitoes usually come only at dusk. A good mosquito oil works wonders. Please do not hit the mosquitoes and flies death against walls and ceilings, we have every winter again all whites by people who do this. There are electric fly swatters in the house battery. If you persist against a mosquito or fly (and the button is pressed) then they are dead, you do not have to hit.

Upon Departure.
1. The cottage need to be cleaned up before leaving. All the dishes in the dishwasher, The cleaning will mop the floors, shower and toilet cleaning, washing windows, etc.
2. Please refill used suply's (coffee, tea, soap, filters, tablets, etc.) supplement.
3. Garbage in the black containers at the entrance
4. Please put the lounge pillows outside in the pillow box.
5. Close cottage, drop the key in the key locker at the front door (code 1985).

Pick up days garbage (at the street):
Every other week on Thursday moring. Scedule you find at the door in the kitchen drawer. You need to place the container(s) across the street with the opening to the street, otherwise they will not empty them.

The Environment:
In the region there are lots of sights and excursions. In the living room you will find a pile of leaflets what to do. To recommend a visit to Stavoren, Hindeloopen and Workum (Jopie Huisman Museum). The tourist office in the harbor of Stavoren you can provide any more (current) information. Please replace the leaflets. For children, it is recommended Sybrandys Playpen in Oudemirdum (5 km) or a boat trip to the open air museum in Enkhuizen, from Stavoren. In the area you can endlessly cycling and walking. In addition, in the woods near Rijs (5km) beautiful walks.

Nearest shops are found in Stavoren (5 km), there is a supermarket, bakery, butcher, liquor etc.
Cycling (rental).
Bakker Bicycle Rental
Smidstraat 16
8715 HS Stavoren, (0031) (0)514 – 681288

In the surrounding canals and ditches is fine fishing waters (within walking distance). Also in the IJsselmeer (around the port and harbor piers) are popular for fishing. In the immediate vicinity are the Frisian Lakes. Think of a permit.

Sailing (rental)
You can rent boats for sailing on the Frisian Lakes at the sailing school Morra Hemelum, tel: (0031) (0)514-581700

You can swim at the cottage in the IJsselmeer. Away at the red cliff (2km direction Stavoren) are also some nice small beaches.
In the garage are surfboards, without a sail, which you can use, think the danger of drifting into the IJsselmeer! The sailing boat in the garage is for private use only.

In case of problems please contact the owner: +31625091498.
It's always nice when you leave a comment in our guestbook and on the website where you booked.

We wish you a pleasant stay,

Best regards
Mark van den Eshof


  Shopping: 5 Kilometre
  Restaurang: 5 Kilometre
  Avstånd till vattnet: 25 Kilometre
  Avstånd till andra hav: 2 Kilometre
  Tåg: 5 Kilometre

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Ground floor: (Living room(TV(satellite), stove(wood), DVD player, stereo unit), Large kitchen(combination microwave, dishwasher, fridge-freezer), bedroom(double bed, bunk bed), bedroom(double bed, TV), bathroom(shower, washbasin, toilet)) On the 1st floor: (bedroom(double bed, children's bed)) hallway, pantry(high chair, dog basket, dog's bowl), tumble dryer, washing machine, heating(central), courtyard(private), garden(private, fenced), garden furniture, BBQ, parking

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